Chlorinated Paraffin 52 (CP-52) applications and uses

Suntek is the best Chlorinated Paraffin 52% (cp 52) Manufacturer in Delhi, producing high-quality CPW products in bulk. CP52 utilized as a secondary compound plasticizer and available in different packing sizes. It is a thick transparent liquid with having distinct sweet odor. Chlorinated Paraffin 52% is a specific type of CPW characterized by its chlorine content of 52%. It is produced by chlorinating normal paraffin hydrocarbons, resulting in a mixture of various chain lengths. CPW 52% exhibits excellent thermal stability, chemical resistance, and low volatility, making it suitable for various applications.

Chlorinated Paraffin 52 is commonly used as an additive in metalworking fluids due to its excellent lubricating properties. It improves cutting performance, reduces friction and wear, and enhances the machining process. Additionally, CPW 52 provides corrosion protection, extending the lifespan of metal components.

As a responsible CPW manufacturer, we produce high-quality Chlorinated Paraffins 52% while prioritizing environmental sustainability and safety.

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