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Manufacturing - The highest grade CPW

Leaders committed to delivery in large quantities.

Over the last three decades, commitment, dedication and focus have been the pillars of success, for Suntek. Sheer hard work blended with experienced management and skilled workforce has helped Suntek to achieve the status of a leader in the CPW, HCL and ESBO. Diligent planning, innovations and continuous improvement has led to an exponential growth of the company in a short span of time. Powered by its in-house R & D capabilities and constant improvement in the formulations and processes, the company has been able to deliver products that are technically superior to its competitors’ products.

Suntek manufactures the highest-quality CPW, and it understands customers' needs in terms of quality, logistics, and variety, which has resulted in the business gaining a large customer base. Professionals in packaging, warehousing, and transportation have successfully supplemented this by collaborating to guarantee just-in-time deliveries and reduce client inventory costs. Today, the company is proud to be a leader in CPW manufacturing in bulk, in the northern part of India and is growing at a CAGR of almost 25%.

Suntek aspires to lead from the front in every segment they enter, with many new developments in the pipeline.

Quality - Trust of Years

Over the years, Suntek is known for producing top quality CPW products, due to many inherent advantages.These include the most modern production infrastructure, use of best quality raw material procured from Reliance Industries, supply of chlorine directly from Grasim in a pipeline and last but not the least, rigorous multi stage quality checks for each batch under the sharp eyes of its qualified trained technicians.

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Multi located manufacturing facilities

Presently Suntek has four strategically located state-of-the-art plants in India, 2 in Jharkhand, 1 in Uttar Pradesh and 1 in Orissa, making it one of the largest producer of CPW in India. This has facilitated to the company to cater to various industrial customers across the country.

Today, it is the one of the largest producer of CPW in India, with an installed capacity of 48000 MT. These units are located next to Grasim Caustic Soda plant from where the supply of chlorine (a key constituent of CPW) is made directly through pipelines, ensuring enhanced quality of raw material with lesser logistics cost. Suntek also has been the pioneers to introduce Glass-line reactors to the industry, to ensure better quality end products. Presently serving a long list of leading over 200 customers, the company plans to double its capacity in a couple of years.

Company History

Through the years, SUNTEK INDUSTRIES has grown from a small, family business to a multi-faceted organization. During this transformation, leadership continuously focused on creating the highest quality products.

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    Suntek group started as a trading firm. We use to buy Chlorinated paraffin then known as chlorinated paraffin and sell it all over India.

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    In the year 1995, we had set up our first factory in Mirzapur with 2 led line reactors. this was our entry into the manufacturing line. We saw the potential in our product and customer satisfaction with our services.

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    We increased our production in the year 2002 by setting up a new unit in the remote area of Jharkhand in Palamu district. This unit was named K.G Industries. This unit was an ancillary unit within the walls of Grassim group. Supply of chlorine gas was done by pipelines instead of tonners. Usually, chlorine gas was transported in tonners which had a capacity of 1 MT, but know we had direct pipelines from caustic soda plant which meant our transportation cost of chlorine gas being saved and this benefited the customers as we were able to sell better quality products at a cheaper rate.

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    In the year 2007, we acquired Manav Chemicals we Installed 12 new reactors with state of the art technology and top of the line glass reactors with each capacity of 8 MT. Suntek group was the first group in India to introduce glass line reactors in this field to ensure a better quality of the product.

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    IN the year 2010 we had set up our unit in Sikandrabad UP. with 4 Glass line reactors. This unit was smartly placed near Delhi to cater our day to day requirements in Delhi.


    In the year 2010 we installed 6 new reactors in a new location Orissa, again our plant was situated next to Grassim group unit of caustic soda and gas was transported by pipelines. By strategically placing our manufacturing units next to Caustic Soda plant we have ensured that we are able to deliver better quality products at a cheaper price. We have been associated with Grassim Group for more than 23 years.

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    As of now we have a total 28 reactors in India and we are able to produce 48,000 MT per year of chlorinated paraffin, around 90,000 of hydrochloric acid. Till date, we are not able to cater all the demand of CPW we get. We have decided to set up 24 new reactors which will ensure that our customers gets the best quality products at a cheaper price.

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