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Suntek is a top manufacturer of HCL acid in india, and it also offers hydrochloric acid, primarily used for pickling carbon steel lines at steel mills. Pickling helps remove impurities and contaminants from ferrous metals like iron and copper alloys and stainless steel. In addition to its use in metal cleaning and surface treatment, HCL can help accelerate the pickling process of other materials, such as aluminium alloy.

For pickling HCL has some inherent advantages over Sulfuric acid as HCL reduces pickling time, reducing pickling time, apart from giving a better surface quality. Although it is also used in aluminium etching, metal prefixing for galvanising and soldering, and metal cleaning.

Benefits of HCL

HCl offers the following advantages when used for steel pickling

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Suntek is the best CPW supplier in India - we always delight customers with our innovative products, and many Indian exporters are now using them with great success.

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